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Photography 101 is here to help make sense of the confusing world of photography. If you're just beginning your journey in photography you'll find loads of content here to help you understand terminology, learn to use your camera, and to master the basics of photography.

Get started by searching for things you're having trouble with or by browsing articles and videos below.

Cameras & Gear Explained

Read articles and watch videos which explain your cameras and photography gear. Learn what your camera settings are plus how, when, and why to use them. Find out what features your camera has and what everything means.
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Manual Settings & Brightness

Do you want to control your photos and use manual settings to set the brightness of your photos? Check out these articles and videos which deal with all aspects of exposure, (the settings that control your picture's level of brightness).
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Understanding Lens & Focus

Find articles and videos to help you understand lenses and focus. Learn why different lenses give you different results  and why your photos might not be coming out as sharp as you want them to as well as what you can do to fix that.
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Do you have a question that you can't find the answer to here? We'd love to know what you're struggling with or stuck on. Use the form below to send us any question about photography and we'll seek to answer your question as satisfactorily as possible. We'll also share your question and our answer on the website so that others with similar difficulties can more easily find the answer.

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Photography 101 and the Global Photography School are a project of pro photographer Don Orkoskey of WDO Photography.