Global Photography School Contributors

Are you interested in joining other Global Photography School Contributors? Please read the following information before contacting GPS. While contributions are always welcome it's incredibly important that they be quality contributions. Additionally, they must all help those learning photography to improve their skills. As a result no articles which don't meet the criteria will not be accepted.

Accepted Contributions

Accepted contributions must help photography students to improve their skills and grow as photographers. Content should be well written or produced, clear, and engaging. Links to the author's website will be provided in exchange for a backlink to GPS. Monetized Youtube videos are welcome as are articles that contain links to products or services that make sense in the context of the article. Products reviews are welcome. However, any product or service the content creator is being paid to promote must include a disclaimer saying so. Any content that is deemed to not be helpful to students and purely for promotion will not be accepted.

Global Photography School Content

All content for the Global Photography School website remains the property of the content creator unless they inform us otherwise. Any copyrighted materials shared by content creators needs to have accompanying permission submitted with the content. Any content found to contain copyrighted information not belonging to the content creator will be removed.

The creator is free to cross-post and share their content with other publishers. Content can be removed from the Global Photography School website by the author if they wish to have it taken down. Use the contact form to request content removal.

If you believe any content that you have copyrighted has been shared on the Global Photography School website without your permission please contact us immediately.

Content About NFTs

No content related to NFTs will be accepted. This rule is final and unchanging. It's the belief of the founder of the Global Photography School that Crypto and NFTs are a scam. While blockchain may have legitimate uses, crypto and NFTs are speculative tools and not of any interest to the Global Photography School. Any attempts to publish such content on GPS will be denied without response. Please don't waste our time trying to convince us to change this policy. Content about NFTs is absolutely unwelcome and always will be - full stop.

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