Information for Contributing Writers

The following is information for contributing writers on the Global Photography School platform/website. If you would like to contribute an article, post, or photo essay please read the following information then use the form below to tell us about yourself and what you wish to have us publish. Global Photography School is built on the idea of community. Everyone can create amazing photos and everyone has a story to tell, many stories actually. Your articles, ideas, and media are your own and we never seek to take credit or ownership for your work. If you are published through GPS your name and information will feature as requested. We're happy to link back to your website to show your audience your work.

We can't wait to hear from you!

Contributing Articles

The following information is about contributing articles. If you're looking to contribute a photo essay or other piece of media please see below.

At Global Photography School we believe that everyone has something to say, a story to tell, and that everyone can and should tell their stories. We do not and cannot compensate writers for their articles but we also take zero credit for your work. You retain copyright and the right to publish your work elsewhere. We welcome articles that have already been published so long as there are no issues with the previous publisher. We also welcome writers who've never been published.

Article of Interest

We're looking for article of interest to those who love photography, want to use photography to show the world things about their selves, culture, people, country, etc. We welcome how-to style articles that can help other photographers and those wishing to be photographers to improve their skills. We also welcome articles about experiences as photographers. Global Photography School is especially interested in stories from marginalized or displaced people. Often the stories of these groups is told by others and GPS would like to see that change. We wish to see displaced and marginalized people tell their stories as only they can. We are looking to add a platform in the interest of decolonizing photography and media in general.

NFT Articles

We don not accept any articles about NFTs or how to create them. The only exception to this rule is if you wish to contribute an article advising people to avoid NFTs. At Global Photography School we believe that NFTs are simply a tool to legitimize crypto-currency while extracting wealth from artist, photographers, and others. The NFT market is fraught with issues as is the concept of crypto currency. Given those issues we are not accepting articles that paint NFTs in a positive light as we don't believe that they are positive.

Contributing Photo Essays

Global photography School is interested in photographers contributing photo essays. We're especially interested in photo essays that tell stories that are not being told or that are being told by outsiders (media from former colonial powers for example). If you are a member of a marginalized or displaced group and wish to tell either your personal story or share a photo essay about the group of people you belong to we are happy to be aa platform for your work. At GPS we believe that the most genuine stories we can tell come from ourselves or our closest community. If you're ready to tell us your story or the story of your community we can't wait to hear from you!

Submit Your Information

Submit your information below to begin the process of contributing to Global Photography School. After you've reached out to us we will reply within 10 business days to let you know if we are interested in your article. We advise you to make sure it's not a topic that has been recently written about on GPS. We prefer articles that are original or present new ways of thinking about photography, the process, the technical or aesthetic aspects, photography for story-telling, or similar topics. When it comes to photo essays we're interested in any work that shows your personal, communal, or cultural experiences especially if they are otherwise ignored, marginalized, or only covered by outside media figures.

If you're confident that your article, or other piece of media is a good fit for GPS please submit your information below. We hope your submission will lead to you being a contributing writer, or contributing photographer at Global Photography School.

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