About Global Photography School

Global Photography Schools (GPS) is a project of Pittsburgh Photographer Don Orkoskey, the owner of WDO Photography. GPS was founded in the summer of 2021 as a repository of information that can help everyone learn and grow as photographers.

The barriers to entry are shrinking. Photography has become more accessible thanks to affordable phones, cameras, and distribution platforms. Still, the need for quality, well organized information will help photography students across the globe to learn and improve as photographers. That is what GPS is here for - to help photographers learn and improve their skills.

Produce Content for Global Photography School

If you're a content producer looking for places to share your content consider producing content for Global Photography School. Reach out via the contributor page to get started. All types of quality content is welcome. Publish videos, articles, and more as long as they're not about NFTs.

Don Orkoskey owner of WDO Photography

Project Founder Don Orkoskey

GPS is, for now, the project of one man, Professional photographer Don Orkoskey. Don is a full time working photographer and photography teacher. Don also writes a lot of articles on his own website at  WDOphoto.com. Beginning in early 2023 Don began to add more photography learning content to this website. This allows him to focus the information on his own website to his work as an event and portrait photographer.

To find out more about Don visit the website for his photography business in Pittsburgh, WDO Photography or reach him via the contact page here at the Global Photography School.