Promote Your Photography Classes

Promote Your Photography Classes

Are you a photography teachers and do you want to promote your photography classes in order to reach a wider audience? The Global Photography School is here to help you, free of charge, to promote your classes. We want to spread the love of photography far and wide so no matter where you are in the world we want to be a platform to help you reach more students.

Do you teach online or in person? Either way you can promote your photography classes, workshops, or private lessons here at GPS.

I'm still working to set up the website but my hope is to provide a hub for people around the globe to find or promote their photography classes in order to reach a wider audience. With the ultimate goal of helping photography students to find those classes.

For now you can submit the information about your classes through our contact form. In the near future I hope to feature a calendar of classes, a breakdown of classes by type (online and off), location, subject matter, and cost. I'm a ways off from doing so. If you'd like to help please let me know via the contact form.

As a photography teacher myself I'm always looking for new ways to reach more students. My hope is that GPS will help us all to reach those students and offer them our classes. If you want to join me please let me know by filling out my contact form.

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