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Welcome to the Global Photography School. This website is your source for learning photography. No matter where you are in your quest to learn photography you'll find great videos and articles right here at the Global Photography School.

The Global Photography School (GPS) was created in 2021 by professional photographer and photography teacher Don Orkoskey, the owner of WDO Photography in Pittsburgh. Don created GPS because he wanted to offer great information to everyone looking to learn photography.

Initial Plans for the Global Photography School

The initial plans for the Global Photography School was to offer virtual and in person classes to photography students across the globe. The focus was also to help displaced and marginalized photographers to teach and take these classes.

Later in 2021 Don got busier with his own photography work and teaching his own classes. This put GPS on the back-burner. In early 2023 Don began to think about less time intensive ways use this website to help people learn photography.

The All New Global Photography School

In early 2023 Don began the all new global photography school. While it is still a long-term ambition to create a space for displaced and marginalized students and photographers the all new GPS will offer free photography content. If the site does well and begins to gather attention the plans for helping more people will begin to be realized.

The Need For The Global Photography School

The Global Photography School is here to fill a need. While there is a lot of content online which you can use to learn photography it's incredibly hard to get started. Knowing how to find quality information is a real struggle. With Don's knowledge of search engine optimization the all new Global Photography School will be able to help new photographers find the content they desperately need.

Help Build The Global Photography School

Everyone can help build the Global Photography School in so many different ways. This is an all-hands-on-deck situation and you're invited! No matter who you are or how you're connected to the world of photography you can help.

Share This Website

If you know photography students or teachers share this website with them. When new students begin to learn they're often very excited. That excitement can quickly be blunted when they run into problems finding or understanding learning materials. The express purpose of this website is to help students find materials they can easily understand and use.

Photography Students

Photography students, no matter where you in your journey you can help. Share information with us about where you're struggling and what you want to know. Tell us what you can't find. Send us articles and videos that you don't understand but think should be able to help you.

Photography Contributors

If you write or produce quality content you can be a GPS photography contributor. Your writing experience doesn't matter nearly as much as your photography knowledge. We are happy to share your content and a backlink to your website in exchange for content that helps students learn photography.

Skilled Photographers

We need skilled photographers who have unique knowledge or a great understanding of common photography techniques. Even if you don't believe that you're a good writer you can contribute photography content. We're happy to help edit and distribute quality photography content. Contact us today to discuss contributing.

Find Out More

Find out more about the Global Photography School. Visit the website of our founder Don Orkoskey. Connect with us on social media via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Youtube will be along shortly as well.