GPS Partners

GPS partners with amazing photographers around the globe who are passionate about photography and love to teach and share their knowledge. Below is a list of our current partners, a bit about them, the types of photography they're passionate about, and what they like to teach.

W. Donald Orkoskey of WDO Photography

W. Donald Orkoskey

Don is the owner and lead photographer for WDO Photography located in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. He's also the founder of Global Photography School. Don is passionate about nature and the human experience. His professional work largely falls into the event, wedding, and portrait categories. Don has been teaching photography since 2007 when he first hosted a nature photography class. He's also taught new parents how to capture great photos of their babies and kids, taught art and storytelling to kids, taught cell phone photography at Children's Hospitals, and is the photography instructor for Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

You can follow Don on his personal Instagram of WDO Photo's Instagram

Teaching Partnership

Are you interested in a teaching partnership with Global Photography School? We're always looking for working professional photographers with a passion for sharing their knowledge with people around the world.

True Partnership

GPS is interested in true partnerships with photography teachers. GPS provides the platform for online classes including student registration, class delivery, and payment processing. Teachers keep nearly all of the proceeds of the classes they teach as GPS is owned and managed by photography teachers. GPS only keeps a small processing fee to help pay for the work that we provide. That fee is currently $50 per class for online classes that GPS hosts and $25 if you are self-hosting and just using GPS as a promotional partner (listing your classes). That's right, GPS will list classes that you self host, including in-person classes anywhere in the world and only charge a $25 fee to help promote those classes.

Take a look at a sample contract to see more. If you're interested in us helping to increase your enrollment or just want to teach classes without the hassle of managing enrollment, payment, and so on contact GPS today and ask about a partnership with GPS.

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Photography Teachers

Global Photography Schools is looking to partner with photography teachers who wish to share their skills and knowledge with students and who have a passion for community building, exploring and sharing cultural information, and celebrating the wonders of our world and all who inhabit it. GPS is looking to partner with photography teachers, not to exploit them. GPS is not your average 'gig economy' company looking to exploit you. We are photography teachers who want to empower other teachers who believe in the power and ability of photography to transcend borders, boundaries, and silos. GPS supports our partners and believes they deserve to keep the value they generate.

How Partnership Works

Here is how partnership works with Global Photography Schools provides a platform that processes payments and host virtual classes. GPS gives students a central location to find classes, encourages a sense of community through social media, classes, seminars, and in person meetings where students can get to know their teachers and others with a passion about and love of photography.

As a teacher you create the course you wish to teach and work with GPS to promote it to prospective students. You set the cost and GPS handles the payment collection and class registration. Once the class has been completed GPS transfer the registration fees to you minus credit card processing fees and a small fee that helps cover our costs.

Your Partner

Global Photography Schools is your partner. GPS was founded by Don Orkoskey, a professional photographer and working photography instructor. Don's vision for GPS is to bring people who are passionate about photography together, spread knowledge about photography, share skills, increase awareness about the power of photography, and to overcome barriers, share stories about the human condition, ecology, and life on Planet Earth, and to help foster a global community of photographers.