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Find photography groups online that match your interest or demographics.

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Find photography mentors to help you grow and learn more about photography (coming soon).

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If you can't find a local photography community contact GPS and we'll help you build your group.

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Global Photography Schools is dedicated to building a global community of photographers. Find photography groups, clubs, peers, mentors, galleries, shows, and more near you no matter where you are around the globe in our database.

This feature is currently being developed. Below you'll find a Custom Google Map that is being built out (slowly) with camera clubs, museums, galleries, and more places to meet and gather with other people who love photography near you.

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If you would like to see a club, group, gallery, or anything else included in this database please contact us so we can add it. Please tell us where in the world it is located so we can make that information searchable for visitors looking for other photographers and photography related groups to connect with near them.

Building an Inclusive Global Community

Global Photography School is dedicated to building an inclusive global community around photography. Community is at the core of GPS and is the reason for our motto: Picture the world together. GPS is here to connect people around the globe through the internet to share and celebrate humanity, our environment, cultures, and more but we also understand that community is most accessible face-to-face.

Building Community Together

Global Photography School is committed to building community together by helping photographers find peers, mentors, clubs, galleries, shows and more where we can come together in person and share our love of photography. When photographers get together in person for classes, photo walks, meetups, or just to relax they share stories, offer tips and advice, and learn from each other. This is invaluable and GPS wants to help foster that community building which is why this page is dedicated to helping you find other photographers in your community all over the world.