Practical Instruction

Global Photography School is committed to practical instruction with talented photographers teaching students applicable photography skills.

Our classes are designed to provide students with information that will help them in very practical ways. Introductory classes teach students how to use their camera and other equipment. Advanced classes still offer applicable information that students can immediate employ to improve their work.

Constructive Photography Classes

Global Photography School provides constructive photography classes. Students learn more useful and applicable photography skills. They see immediate improvement by being taught useful and practical lessons. Applying the photography knowledge they learn in class to the real world becomes easier when the lessons are constructive and practical.

Global Photography School students report that they feel more comfortable and confident about their work and more willing to push themselves beyond their comfort zone after learning under this practical and constructive approach. At GPS we believe giving students this foundation of practical knowledge through these constructive photography classes leads students to advance faster, find more enjoyment in their photography, and allows them to understand more advanced concepts with less effort.

If you're interested in learning more contact GPS today using the form below or sign up for a class and find out how practical instruction in our constructive photography classes can help you to become a better, happier, more informed photographer.