Photography Is Fun

Our classes are not only about learning, they're about community building and fun. Photography is fun and our students learn practical skills in engaging and fun ways. 

At Global Photography Schools we believe that fun is central to learning. We don't shy away from difficult subjects. Some of our classes are taught by marginalized people who've had difficult experiences that shape their work as photographers. These heavy subjects are never taken lightly or minimized but by centering these experiences while also recognizing the power of positivity and the healing power of love and lightness the classes we offer, even when they focus on very difficult material, are positive and fun experiences.

Positivity in Photography

Global Photography Schools believes in the power of positivity in photography. Photography has a history full of negative aspects. It has been used to record some of the most horrible acts in recent human history and continues to be the domain of unreflexive powerful people. By challenging these powers, equipping marginalized people, and helping tell their stories, photography can have a positive impact on the world.

GPS offers classes taught by a variety of instructors who have lived experiences that were not easy and tries to reach students who themselves might be facing difficult lives. By focusing on those who've had these experiences we believe everyone can learn the importance of agency and representation. It's not enough for us as photographers to tell someone else's story, we must understand that story and tell it truthfully or allow someone else who can do so to tell it.

What does all of that have to do with positivity in photography? When dealing with difficult subject matter it can hard to engage. Rather than offer bleak classes full of "misery-porn" GPS believes in discussing truly difficult subjects through the lens of positivity. Positivity is powerful and can help un remain engaged. When we celebrate the good that people do, even in the most dire situations it makes it easier to face those horrors. When we look for the humanity in each other it brings us closer and turns grieving into a positive shared experience. By not allowing the darkness of trouble or the horrors to drag us to despair we prepare ourselves to face the future including future difficulties with more resolve to see that what is right prevails.

If you're interested in learning more contact GPS today using the form below or sign up for a class and find out for yourself how we use positivity in photography and a fun learning environment even in our classes that address subjects such as displacement, marginalization, and even genocide. We never take these things lightly but we strive to highlight the power of positivity.