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Global Photography School is collecting funds with the goal of quickly getting cash into the hands of a group of Rohingya refugees who provide photography classes as well as documenting life, conditions, and the work of NGOs in the Kutupalong Refugee Camp.

The money we're raising will go directly to refugees who badly need it. Due to how desperately this money is needed we're taking up collections directly through CashApp that we will then share directly with our friends at Omar's Film School.

We'll promise to make the process 100% transparent with a full public accounting of the money that was donated. We understand that at this time you may choose to give through other means such as the United Nations Refugee Fund or the Red Cross/Red Crescent. These are great organizations and they're doing good work in this camp but if you'd rather give money directly to the refugees themselves please click the button below.

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Here are links to photos of the devastation shown via Instagram accounts from our friends at Omar's Film School.

Omar's Film School

Mohammed Zonaid - teacher at Omar's Film School

MD Iddris - 19 year old photographer with dreams of becoming a physician.

Fire at the Rohingya Refugee Camp

Rohingya Refugee Camp Fire Aftermath by Mohammed ZonaidOn March 23rd we received troubling news of a massive fire at the Rohingya Refugee Camp at Cox's Bazar Bangladesh. The fire destroyed shelters that were housing tens-of-thousands of refugees forced to flee genocide in Myanmar since 2017. The Kutupalong Refugee Camp is the world's largest refugee camp. It is estimated that nearly 1 million people live in this massive refugee camp.

The fire on March 23rd killed at least 15 people. That number is almost certain to rise as there are around 400 people still missing. An additional 500 people were injured and tens-of-thousands have been had their few remaining possessions as well as their modest shelters destroyed.

Omar's Film School

Our friends at Omar's Film School are themselves Rohingya refugees. They understand the urgent needs in the camp because this is their lived experience. When we reached out to them to ask how we can help they told of us the desperate need for food, water, shelter, clothes, and other basic necessities and ask if we could donate cash to help them.

Omar's Film School is a refugee managed photography and videography school that is teaching people living in the camps how to document their lives. experiences, conditions in the camps, and the actions or lack thereof of NGO's in helping them. We spoke with two refugees on March 23rd who shared pictures with us via Whatsapp and who've posted their photos to Instagram here and here. These heartbreaking photos were taken in between trips these refugees were taking to help assess damage, look for survivors, and even help extinguish the fires.

The amazing people at Omar's Film School are doing what they can but they really need help. Things were difficult before the fire. They were teaching and documenting but are essentially stateless people, displaced by genocide, facing a pandemic, and now are searching for and assisting survivors of a massive fire.

Expert Witnesses

They're also expert witnesses to the horrors they've lived through. Their work with their fellow refugees is incredible. They're telling their stories in ways that media from outside cannot. They're telling their stories while longing for some sense of normalcy. One refugee that we spoke with MD Iddris is a 19 year old student finishing high school after the attempted genocide interrupted his schooling in 2017. He told us how his dream is to be a physician. That's a dream that he fears will never come true due to his status as a refugee.


The Kutupalong Refugee camp is built upon a set of hills where flooding is problematic during monsoon season. Due to a lack of safety infrastructure there isn't any fire fighting equipment. Too many refugees use cylinders of gas for cooking. These cylinders caused massive explosions as the fire spread on March 23rd.

This camp is massive and houses close to a million people who escaped an attempted genocide and were struggling with the Covid pandemic outbreaks.

Please help us get our friends much needed funds that they can use to purchase blankets, food, water, clothes, and materials to rebuild the thousands of shelters that were damaged.

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