Displaced Photographers

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Displaced Photographers, Refugees, and Migrants

Are you a displaced photographer, refugee, and/or migrant? Do you need equipment to continue or resume working as a photographer? Global Photography School is looking to find experienced photographers in need to of equipment as well as displaced people who are interested in documenting their experiences and telling their stories but who are not trained photographers who GPS can help train in documentary style photography in order for them to make their voices heard.

Experienced Photographers

Global Photography Schools is working to secure donated equipment and to partner with groups already helping displaced photographers to resume their work. If you're in need of equipment please contact us and let us know where you're staying as well as what you need to replace.

Photojournalism is at a critical point of self-reflection where there is internal debate about who should be telling stories about whom. GPS believes in the power of the individual to tell their own story and stories of their communities. We understand that at times there are more critical issues but when outsiders parachute in, collect photos and details, and return to safety providing their agencies with repeated future earnings, awards, and more earned at the expense of the subjects of their photographs that there are ethical issues which the industry has yet to address satisfactorily.

Displaced Persons Interested in Photography

Global Photography Schools believes that everyone has a story to tell but that some of the most important stories in this world are never heard. GPS wants to help correct this. GPS also believes in helping people preserve their individual dignity by seeing them empowered to tell their own stories rather than being the subject of stories told about their experience from those without a full understanding of their lived experience.

Even if you've never taken photos before GPS can help. Global Photography School is working with partners to provide you with equipment, teachers who will donate their time to teach you how to use that equipment, and classes on how to document your experience as well as information on how to advocate for yourself and your community through photography and how to share your photos and story with the world as well as how to protect yourself from exploitation when it comes to those who might want to purchase your photos.

When GPS sends you a camera you're under no obligation to share a single photo or attend any classes. We understand that your experiences are very traumatic. If you wish to return the camera or provide it to another displaced person close to you GPS is happy to assist you in doing so. You may also keep the camera to document what you see fit for personal and/or communal use.

Global Photography School believes in your right to share or not share your story. GPS would love to help you do so but if you're unable to for any reason we understand and support your decision.

If you're a refugee, migrant, or otherwise displaced person or you work with displaced people and would like a camera contact GPS and let us know where you are so we can begin to find you equipment.

Donations Wanted

Donations wanted for Global Photography Schools Displaced Photographer's Program. Do you have equipment that you don't use any longer or can spare to help displaced photographers to resume or begin working to tell their stories and the stories of what is happening in their communities?

GPS is currently working to develop a partnership with a registered nonprofit to allow donations to be tax deductible. This is a new program however displaced photographers around the world desperately need gear. If you can help out visit our contact page and let us know what you're willing and able to donate.

The following are the most needed items:

  1. DSLR cameras
  2. Lens
  3. Memory cards
  4. Flash units
  5. Camera batteries
  6. Laptops

Thank you for helping your fellow photographer!