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Photography Teachers

Global Photography School is looking for photography teachers that want to partner with us. We're actively seeking working professional photographers from a variety of specialties around the world who have taught or understand how to teach photography.

Since GPS is brand new we're waiving all fees other than payment processing fees. If you're self-hosting a class and want another venue to promote it then GPS is your partner. We'd love to help get the word out free of charge with no obligation to ever use GPS in the future. If you're looking to teach your own classes but don't want the hassle of setting up a credit card processing account, e-commerce and class registration website we'd love to speak with you about offering those services for you and only charging you the cost we pay for card processing. Again, you'd have zero obligation.

Visit our about page to find out more about Global Photography School and what we're trying to build. If you believe in community building, sharing knowledge about photography, and finding out more about our world then join us today!

Please submit this contact form to let us know you're interested in more information or are ready to partner with and list your classes through Global Photography School.

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