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Join our community of photographers locally and from around the globe in celebrating the awesome power of photography. Learn, teach, and share your photos, stories, and talent.


Find online and in-person photography classes. From beginner classes to advanced. Learn from qualified photography teachers.

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Our Global Community

We are building our global community and we'd love to have you join! Be part of our network of photographers, enthusiasts, and those looking to learn photography.

At the Global Photography School you'll find classes and community along with support for photographers around the world and the for craft of photography.

Local Community

Help establish a local chapter near you!

Currently GPS only has one local chapter in Pittsburgh, PA, USA but you can help us change that. We're looking for leaders to help us establish chapters around the globe.

What does it take to establish a local chapter of the Global Photography School? 

It takes a few dedicated photographers or those interested in photography who want to get together, share knowledge, be involved in a community, and to share your location online with us.

Do we have to offer classes? 
You don't have to offer classes but you can and should. The best way to learn and to reinforce what you know is by sharing that knowledge with others. If you don't want to offer classes you can take advantage of all the resources we're building out here on the website.

If you own a camera, if you've ever taken a single photo, then you are a photographer. There are no licenses, no authorities, if you take photos then you're a photographer.

Pro Photographer Don Orkoskey

Hello visitor,

Thank you for visiting Global Photography School. Are you a photographer, teacher, or someone who loves photography? I'm looking for volunteers to help us make GPS the resource that I know it will be.

For now this is simply a passion project of myself, professional photographer Don Orkoskey and I need your help. My mission is to spread the joy and love of photography. To do this, I need your help.

I need additional volunteers to help build the website, add great photography content and lessons, help me identify others who can contribute, and who want to help shape the future of this great resource.

Together we can make GPS a valuable resource when it comes to learning photography and we can help marginalized and displaced photographers around the world to tell their stories.

If you're interested and able to help out please use the contact form below to reach out. I can't wait to hear from you!

Thank you so much!

Don Orkoskey
Global Photography School Founder


About The Global Photography School

The Global Photography School (GPS) is a project of professional photographer and artist Don Orkoskey, the owner of WDO Photography. GPS was founded to spread the art, trade, and craft of photography to people all around the globe and to help displaced and marginalized photographers.

You're a photographer

If you own a camera, if you've ever taken a photo, then you're a photographer. At the Global Photography School we believe that everyone has a story to tell and that photography is a great medium through which those stories can be told.

From working professionals to first time photographers we all have within us amazing visual stories just waiting to be told. If you're struggling to tell your story through photography then you're in the correct place.

At GPS we want to see you succeed. We want you to be able to tell your story. This is especially true if your story, your life, your community, have been displaced, deprived, or otherwise marginalized.

GPS Mission

It's the mission of GPS to recognize and call attention to amazing photographers who have been ignored, silenced, or pushed to the margins. Your stories deserve to be told. They deserve to be told by people like yourself so the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is shared. That can only happen when a photographer is telling their own story or the story of the people they are closest to.

Teach For GPS

We're looking for more photography teachers and working photographers around the world to teach for GPS. If you're a working photographer, even if you've never taught before we can help you put together classes.

If you're an experienced photography teacher we want to help you grow and expand your reach. We want to see photographers and photography teachers thrive.

GPS can help administer registration, advertising, and even hosting of online classes. We can also teach you how to use specific tools such as Zoom, Google Classroom, and more to make your classes more successful.

Tell Your Story

If you are working in areas under threat or active conflict, and your work needs a platform we'd love to help you reach a wider audience. GPS is here to help photographers share their work, tell the world about their culture, record events, everyday life, and more of their people. We're here to help photographers tell their stories from their perspectives rather than having their stories told by outsiders.

Contact Us

Contact Us

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If you wish to help with this project please join GPS. We're looking for photographers, teachers, designers, and others to get involved and help develop and guide the Global Photography School. Our goal is to make GPS a successful hub for photographers, teachers, and students along with displaced and marginalized photographers.

To do that we need your help. We're looking for board members and other volunteers who can help build our capacity, add content, and help us grow.

GPS is not a non-profit organization but it's goal isn't to make money. The goal of the Global Photography School is to celebrate the art, craft, and trade of photography and it's ability to tell stories. It is to empower photographers everywhere to tell their stories and to help spread photography through a network on classes. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in supporting in any way please use the contact form on this page to reach out and let us know. We can't wait to hear from you!

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